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Jac's formative years were in Highland Dancing with the addition of contemporary dance with Dance Arts at the University of Otago, Otepoti, Dunedin while studying for a Physical Education degree (1988-1991).  


1992-1993 Performing Arts School, Auckland, New Zealand followed by work with Brian Carbee's Jump Giants, Bedrock (1993) and Carol Brown in the UK with Bloodsongs (1994).


Working for an independent arts publication Live Art Magazine in London, brought more exposure to multi-disciplinary art forms, and a return to New Zealand lead to an ongoing series of collaborations with filmmaker Florian Habicht including Liebestraume (1998); Woodenhead (2003); and Wilson's installation piece Boxer (2004).  


Collaborators have also included light designer Helen Todd, White Dwarf (2000); photographic work with Vincent Bolletta, Mute (2012); and music video with Sunken Seas, Mirage (2015).


She has been described as a ‘punk ballerina', her movements not quite pedestrian and not quite dance.  


Jacqueline continues to develop her work in Otepoti, Dunedin, New Zealand.


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